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Ida Vavříková


I've always been drawn to animals and horses in particular. I started riding around the age of 5 and never stopped since then. My active competition career started in my highschool years gradually working up to the international level. During my several internships I fully devoted myself to riding, teaching and business in the horse world. Thanks to my experience from travelling abroad and working with the best trainers I am aware of the importance of a sensible approach, always putting the well-being of a horse on first place.”

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Nela Zahradníčková


Her heart and soul belongs to every living creature, horses are always top priority for her. We know we can always rely on her completely.
She prepares horses for riding, rides some of the youngsters and is ready to help anytime needed.

Eva Goldammerova


Eva brings peace and harmony to the team, she takes care of the horses and prepares them for riding. As a graduate of the Monty Roberts Horsemanship she uses her knowledge on horses that need special attention.


So very proud of our little pony Oakley-he continues to prove his character once again at CDI Schloss Achleiten where he gained over 72 and 74% in his international debut and tailing the winner with only 0.4% in the 5yo finals test. What a champ❤️!

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We are overjoyed to announce the arrival of our newest foal, a precious addition to our family! This little one is a blend of excellence with lineage from Glamourdale x Furstenball. 🌟

This makes it the third of our growing herd, a sibling to Marvel and a direct full sibling to last year's foal, Thora. We are so excited to watch this little one grow and thrive. Stay tuned for more adorable updates!

Amazing Kenezie, Bayside nad Oakley in Olomouc. 💫

We are thrilled with the results from our pre-CDI Olomouc test! Kenzie, Bayside, and Oakley delivered strong and stable performances over two days against solid competition. After their hard work, they definitely deserve some well-earned relaxation! 🐴💪 #Dressage #IDAAcademy #EquestrianLife

We're thrilled to share that our beloved horse, Kenzie, has recently completed an exhilarating training session in the Netherlands under the expert guidance of coach Remy Basting. There are many many things that could and should be improved, but who knows, knows what an achievement it is for this horse.

Exciting Announcement! We are thrilled to share that our magnificent stallion, Rumble VDK, has been distinguished as a premium stallion at the 2024 KWPN Stallion Licensing! This is an incredible honor and a testament to his exceptional qualities.

After hard work well deserved relax in our new home :)

Wonderfull weekend behind us. Oakley showed great concentration and movement and scored 7.92 and 8.22 claiming 4th place in the 4yo category.
Lakota in a spur of the moment fast forwarded to M level and did very well for a first timer.