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Ida Vavříková


I've always been drawn to animals and horses in particular. I started riding around the age of 5 and never stopped since then. My active competition career started in my highschool years gradually working up to the international level. During my several internships I fully devoted myself to riding, teaching and business in the horse world. Thanks to my experience from travelling abroad and working with the best trainers I am aware of the importance of a sensible approach, always putting the well-being of a horse on first place.”

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Nela Zahradníčková


Her heart and soul belongs to every living creature, horses are always top priority for her. We know we can always rely on her completely.
She prepares horses for riding, rides some of the youngsters and is ready to help anytime needed.

Eva Goldammerova


Eva brings peace and harmony to the team, she takes care of the horses and prepares them for riding. As a graduate of the Monty Roberts Horsemanship she uses her knowledge on horses that need special attention.